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The Ooodles of Doodles Story

My love for dogs goes way back to my childhood. Growing up, my family always had pets. When I was around 8-9 years old, we had a white poodle named Trixy (I had her for 17 years). That's where my love for poodles started......

One day, our neighbor's male dog (chihuahua) got out of their backyard. Being a good neighbor, I saved his life by putting him in our backyard not knowing that Trixy was in heat. When my mom got home, I told her my good deed. She ran to the backyard and to say she wasn't happy was an understatement. She sprayed them with a water hose, thinking that would make them separate. It did not. Two months later, we had two puppies, Tom Tee and Trudy. A few years went by and we bred toy poodles a few times. I really became interested in breeding when I decided to get a standard poodle (Boots). Boots had 5 beautiful litters of Standard Australian Parti Labradoodles. This is when I fell in love with the labradoodle breed. I kept a female from Boot's first litter (Shelby). This is the most wonderful, loving, affectionate, smart, beautiful, and loyal dog a family can have.

My husband is my biggest supporter on this journey. He also has a love for dogs. If it wasn't for his love and support, I would not be able complete all these families. A house is not a home unless you have at least one doodle or more.