Traci is one of my best friends and she's the most generous person I know. When no others would give me breeding rights, she welcomed me into the Doodle way of life. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have four bundles of love :-) Traci even came over for my first litter and helped me with my new pups. I love this woman and I love her dedication to healthy doodles.

Amy M.

There are a lot of breeders in Southern California, but no one like Traci. She is super knowledgeable and patient with a new dog owner. We have never been able to have dogs due to our kid's allergies, but we are so thankful for this breed. Not only are they hypoallergenic, but they are the most loving and smart dogs we can imagine. No offense, but after hearing our friends' stories, glad we didn't get a golden doodle, as they seem to be pretty hyper.

Jill W.

If you are looking for a great experience, get a puppy from Traci. She will support you all the way through the process, even as the puppies become dogs. Because we are fairly close, we have brought our doodle over for a "play-date" and she loves being on the farm running with the cousins and grandma Boots. We were sold on Traci because of her passion for this breed, and her committment to all the families she has blessed with a doodle.

Pam S.